Fotini Tsibiridou “A the neighborhood of Beyoglu: Feminism, Art and Social Activism in the heart of Istanbul”


Konuğumuzun tanıtım metninden:

“The present paper is seeking the link between urban public space and activism in the heart of Istanbul. From an anthropological point of view we are examining the dynamic relationship between people and public space in the historical neighborhood of Beyoglu. The later form the past is assuming otherness and modernity, while  at the present is evoking marginality and globalized life-style. Our hypothesis based on fieldwork data so far has shown that when a lived public space of such a global city is conceived in terms of talent, technology and tolerance, its historical otherness and ambiguity ends up to build new dynamics for further protest and subversion practices: through multiple ambivalent experiences, Beyoglu ends up to signify either a metonymy of protest, resistance and undermining against the authoritarian central ruling, as well as a sustainable situ of hope and solidarity that motivates its social agents (i.e. feminists, artists and activists) to commit for the subversion of multiple local and global hegemonies. ”

Fotini Tsibiridou

Professor of Social Anthropology

University of Macedonia-Thessaloniki

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